I Put A Spell On You (SPLATINUM West Coast Dubstep Remix)

BWOMP dropped our recent remix of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ original version.

Download it here @ BWOMP!


Preview here:

Does the world need another video blog? F*** YEAH IT DOES!!!

As long as that video blog features two space pimps dorks talking shop and interviewing other groundbreaking forward thinking bass musicians……… and the occasional drunk homeless guy.


Every dynamic duo super hero squadron needs a fresh whip. Recently, we acquired this 1976 EZGO golf cart from Craig’s List and applied for a license with the Department of Mutant Vehicles at Black Rock City for this year’s Burning Man Metropolis event.

Here’s a little bit on our machine:

The SPLATMOBILE is the ultimate interactive entertainment and cool-off device, equipped in the daytime with a fully functioning SPLAT gun featuring Der Schplatzl, the super secret synth syrup catalyst with the molecular make-up of H20. (not to be ingested) It is designed to wet your panties, most literally. Designed as a Pink Tank, the SPLATMOBILE promises to allow us to reach a new level of activation in soul and mind through the conduit of bodily wetness, particularly in the nether regions.

At night the tank lights up into a glowing pink and the SPLAT gun is replace with a laser lapper, fully equipped with sound effects!

About the Vehicle’s Mutation:
Andrew Luck and Dosadi will travel to an alternate dimension to retrieve the SPLATMOBILE and Der Schplatzl from a Goddess life form similar in form to David Bowie in the Labyrinth. In a ritual ceremony, a special frame exterior will wrap the shell vehicle, focusing into a hyper-beamed amalgam of crunchy space funk, secured with neo-grav rotational bass-wobble technology. The shell will consist of a corefoam plastic material and foam will be applied to all sharp corners and edges of the vehicle for safety.

Lighting Plans:
A UV reactive pink paint will be used for the exterior shell of the SPLATMOBILE. UV LEDs will illuminate the pink paint and run off of a deep cycle marine battery charged by the alternator and a wind turbine. (wind turbine is not on the SPLATMOBILE)

At night the gun will be replaced with a special laser/light blaster with sound effects.

Mutant Vehicle Intent:
The pink tank styling of the SPLATMOBILE is essential to all love and peace making in any metropolis. Without governing authority there would be no way to spread Der Schplatzl in the panties.

Love for Those Hustlers

TITLE: Love for Those Hustlers EP
LABEL: Bass Drop Music | Street Ritual
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 05/15/2010

SPLATINUM’s back with more of that sauce on a 6-track devotional to the gangsters and the hustlers. The “hip hop obsessed” Seattle duo has been getting freaky with the samples and blessed it all up with their slippery signature frequency modulation swagger. Call in the mop boy for this one.  Super sonic clean up in booth 3! Spam it, share it, love it, burn it, because thugs need love too!

Love for Those Hustlers by SPLATINUM (album art)

Track Listing:

1)      Love for Those Hustlers
2)      Sipping on That Sizzurp
3)      My Posse is on Broadway
4)      Know About the Dirty South
5)      It’s Bigger Than Glitch Hop
6)      Vadonna’s Magina

Courtesy of Bass Drop Music and Street Ritual Recordings : Seattle, Wa : Oakland, Ca

Dear Pacific Northwest. You Are Awesome


But you already know that don’t you? Seriously. Wow. We are so proud to call Seattle home. The Intergalactic Masquerade / Der Schplatzl 2010 release party was more successful than we ever imagined. Hundreds of you came out to support our crazy experiment. You imbued downtown Seattle with the strongest flow of Der Schplatzl ever seen on earth!  You created a truly unique experience for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age and background. Through it all, your complete awesomeness shone like a beacon across the consumer wasteland, drawing people in like fireflies to experience something profound. You cut straight through ironic detachment and cynicism like a grinning crunked out laser. Together we created an oasis of pure blissful revelry in the middle of a concrete desert.
We are truly humbled.

If you or anyone you know has pics, videos, drawings, finger paintings, memory imprints, etc… of the event, please send them our way! We would love to collect and share these with you.

A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who showed up, collaborated, and gave the gifts of time, energy, money, and hardware. Starborne, Street Ritual, Bass Drop, Buddhaful, MyGrafx, Michael Manahan, Gel-Sol, Knowa-KnowOne, Jerry Abstract, Issac @ Space, Dave & Eric @ The Stranger, and many more. But most of all a big thanks go out to YOU!

Also if you haven’t already, please send a thank you note to our partners in the city of Seattle: 4Culture and Seattle Parks and Recreation.


Friends, let me tell you this is only the beginning!

Der Schplatzl 2010 release event!

Intergalactic Masquerade Dance Party!

Your planet Earth is in danger. A spiraling energy crisis leaves nature withered and dwindling – a cataclysm creating strife and conflict among the human race.

Two engineers from Seattle have ventured into vast alternate dimensions to reveal the solution. There has been no clear answer until now: An alien synth-syrup catalyst known as Der Schplatzl, destined to activate and awaken the powerful energies buried inside your hearts and minds. These two heroes now combine forces as SPLATINUM to spread Der Schplatzl to the farthest stretches of our civilization.

Der Schplatzl’s unique properties allow us to reach a new level of activation in soul and mind through the conduit of human movement. Focusing into a hyper-beamed amalgam of crunchy space funk, secured to dancefloors with neo-grav rotational bass-wobble technology, SPLATINUM has devised a precision dispersal vehicle, opening us to the select frequencies that allow mankind to know it’s own love, heal the earth, and save ourselves from destruction.

Come partake in this ritual and dance into nightfall as the city of Seattle becomes the epicenter of a new planet Earth!

What to wear: Comfy dancing shoes and something you can see from space…with a mask! It’s a masquerade!

What to bring: Costumes to wear and share, stuff that lights up or glows, stilts, hula hoops, anything safe, fun and clean!

Musical Performances by:

Knowa KnowOne
Michael Manahan
Gel Sol

Presented by: Street Ritual and Starborne Productions

Sponsored by: Buddhaful, Bass Drop, Jerry Abstract

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. If YOU pack it in, YOU pack it out!

This is a fully permitted event with KV2 sound! Get your costume on and get down there with time for parking or easy breezy public transit!

April 20th, 6-9PM : Westlake Center : FREE!

Westlake Park

Westlake Park

Pythagorean Hyphy Proof (SPLATINUM Remix)

Our remix of Mochipet’s “Pythagorean Hyphy Proof” is out now!

download here from addictech

Hear the entire track @ our Soundcloud!

Pythagorean Hyphy Proof (SPLATINUM Remix) by MOCHIPET

Der Schplatzl 2010 :: The Sauce You Can't Live Without

TITLE: Der Schplatzl 2010
LABEL: Daly City Records
DISTRIBUTOR: Midheaven/Revolver USA
RELEASE DATE: 04/20/2010

IN STOCK and available for pre-order right here! CLICK TO BUY NOW

Der Schplatzl is the serum that forges the DNA of Lil Jon and Daft Punk into a swirling mutation of bass lines and radiant harmonic crescendos. It’s the illusive alien technology that binds us all together, bends time and space and supercharges synthesizers to crush dance floors. Der Schplatzl is the neon smeared crunk juice that fuels the Splatmobile, answers life’s questions, and has the ability to solve any energy crisis. It’s simply the sauce you can’t live without, just in time for 2010.

1) Intro
2) Pumping Quarterz
3) Chewy feat Sunru Skywaka
4) Robo Crunk Juice (Remix of Mochipet)
5) Pythagorean Hyphy Proof (Remix of Mochipet)
6) Evo
7) Captain Hook
8.) Sound of Science
9) Vandonna’s Magina
10) What Happens to My Heart
11) Pierce the Air (Remix of Sleepy Eyes of Death)
12) Contagious feat Jett
13) Ain’t No Fool
14) Where Ya At?
15) Meat Off the Bone
16) Want It


Our dear friend and incredibly talented photographer Daniel Z. posted some “buddhaful” pics from our most recent show.

Big thanks (again) to Buddhaful Mike, Shapey, Ill-Esha, Nicoluminous, Daniel Z, Novatron, Mattysun, Surrealized, and all the other incrdible performers and people who made a truly magical night happen.

“Want It” FREE Download – Promo for Echotopian Transmissions Vol. 1

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/album/want-it">Want It by SPLATINUM</a>

This is perhaps a deeper side of Splatinum – a mid-tempo adventure in 2 step with sexy vocal snips and of course our signature Splat!

Please note, the streaming quality in this player is far lower than the download quality! Download it!

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