Funkonology is more than just the second full length album release from SPLATINUM. It is a deeply researched and highly effective science of self improvement. The Funkonology experience unlocks hidden psychic potential through patented low frequency wave oscillation technology. The process utilizes the power of bio-medical quantum mechanics and life affirming funk energy to blast away bad vibes. It’s a groovier mission into the depths of auditory particle wave alignment.

On December 20th 2013 SPLATINUM will release Funkonology to the world. The album will be available on itunes, major streaming services, pay what you like on bandcamp, and for free with two bonus tracks on

Release parties will take place in Seattle, WA on December 20th 2013 at Monkey Loft and Oakland, CA on March 7th 2014.

Check out the first promo/bonus track on soundcloud now!

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