Der Schplatzl 2010 release event!

Intergalactic Masquerade Dance Party!

Your planet Earth is in danger. A spiraling energy crisis leaves nature withered and dwindling – a cataclysm creating strife and conflict among the human race.

Two engineers from Seattle have ventured into vast alternate dimensions to reveal the solution. There has been no clear answer until now: An alien synth-syrup catalyst known as Der Schplatzl, destined to activate and awaken the powerful energies buried inside your hearts and minds. These two heroes now combine forces as SPLATINUM to spread Der Schplatzl to the farthest stretches of our civilization.

Der Schplatzl’s unique properties allow us to reach a new level of activation in soul and mind through the conduit of human movement. Focusing into a hyper-beamed amalgam of crunchy space funk, secured to dancefloors with neo-grav rotational bass-wobble technology, SPLATINUM has devised a precision dispersal vehicle, opening us to the select frequencies that allow mankind to know it’s own love, heal the earth, and save ourselves from destruction.

Come partake in this ritual and dance into nightfall as the city of Seattle becomes the epicenter of a new planet Earth!

What to wear: Comfy dancing shoes and something you can see from space…with a mask! It’s a masquerade!

What to bring: Costumes to wear and share, stuff that lights up or glows, stilts, hula hoops, anything safe, fun and clean!

Musical Performances by:

Knowa KnowOne
Michael Manahan
Gel Sol

Presented by: Street Ritual and Starborne Productions

Sponsored by: Buddhaful, Bass Drop, Jerry Abstract

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. If YOU pack it in, YOU pack it out!

This is a fully permitted event with KV2 sound! Get your costume on and get down there with time for parking or easy breezy public transit!

April 20th, 6-9PM : Westlake Center : FREE!

Westlake Park

Westlake Park

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