SPLATINUM  is the collaboration of longtime friends Andrew Luck and Adam Houghton. Their musical output spans genres but the common element of devastating low-end threads through every composition.  The duo officially formed the collaboration in 2009.

Dec 20th, 2013 sees the release of their long anticipated second full length album “Funkonology”.  It’s a groovier mission into the depths of auditory particle wave alignment.  ”Funkonology” promises to harness the power of cutting edge quantum bio-technology to unlock undiscovered human potential. More than just an album, “Funkonology” is deeply researched science and self-improvement tool.

“Luck and Dosadi’s rhythms and bass frequencies slug and surge with a thrilling high impact”

“every sound seems to be massaged extensively and genetically tweaked to maximize grimy bling-osity,  coating the tracks in high-gloss soot” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

“Seattle’s premier bass toting duo” – XLR8R

Their recorded output is matched by a hyperkinetic live performance that pushes the envelope of electronic improvisation and showmanship. Combined with their flair for the dramatic and crowd interaction their shows pulse with enthusiasm and energy.

Since their first album “Der Schplatzl 2010″, the duo have officially remixed and/or collaborated with Love and Light, Kill Paris, Ill-Esha, Mochipet, Trona, Th’ Mole, and The Polish Ambassador.  They also released two free EPs, titled “Love for Those Hustlers” and “Banana Sandwiches“. Their singles and remixes found homes on 1320, Daly City, Vermin Street, Orson Records, MASV, and Street Ritual.

The two met in the tight knit southeastern US rave scene where Adam had been performing a live PA and releasing vinyl as Dosadi while Luck was spinning those Dosadi tracks on his weekly FM radio show. They first crossed paths in 2000, re-connecting again in Seattle in 2007 where they combined their love of bass music and shared background into a musical collaboration. They began performing their all original live sets together in Seattle in 2009 and the past four years has seen them graduate from local favorites into a national act with shows across the US.

“Our mission as artists has always been to spread positivity and bring some light hearted fun to people’s lives.” SPLATINUM produced a series of free masquerade parties including one during rush hour in the heart of downtown Seattle’s Westlake Center. A far cry from their early illegal mobile bike performance outside of Decibel Festival (sadly busted by the cops).

Their first breakout tune was a remix of Screamin’ Jay Hawkin’s “I Put a Spell on You”. Released in 2010 as a promo for their trip to Burning Man, it showcased a smooth and sexy style of bass music that has since become a SPLATINUM signature.

“In 2012 we took time out of performing to focus on our next full length FUNKONOLOGY”. The new release showcases a focused inter-related series of tunes with a strong element of funk. “We’re in the planning stages of a new series of FUNKONOLOGY events that will really push forward our ideas of crowd interaction, and that music is more than a one way performance but a real time collaboration between the musicians and audience.”