SNUG LIFE Release Party!

Join us as we celebrate the release of our new music video SNUG LIFE with the cast & crew! It’s time to get hot and sweaty in your freakiest furry outfit with your funkiest far out friends. Tight Posse. Get in it.

Performances by:
Paragon Fungineers of The Fungineers
SPLATINUM w/ Ilen Halogram MUSIC
Fvtvre Flvrt

Visuals by Psychedelic Television

*Snuggly creatures
*Unicorn DJ
*Funky bass music
*Techno shamans
*Massive video projection
*Awesome surreal venue ( )

21+ / $15 / 7.11.2014

Additional Support provided by Starborne Shows & Bassdrop Music





Coming December 20th, Funkonology, the album, by SPLATINUM.



Funkonology is more than just the second full length album release from SPLATINUM. It is a deeply researched and highly effective science of self improvement. The Funkonology experience unlocks hidden psychic potential through patented low frequency wave oscillation technology. The process utilizes the power of bio-medical quantum mechanics and life affirming funk energy to blast away bad vibes. It’s a groovier mission into the depths of auditory particle wave alignment.

On December 20th 2013 SPLATINUM will release Funkonology to the world. The album will be available on itunes, major streaming services, pay what you like on bandcamp, and for free with two bonus tracks on

Release parties will take place in Seattle, WA on December 20th 2013 at Monkey Loft and Oakland, CA on March 7th 2014.

Check out the first promo/bonus track on soundcloud now!

Magical Learning Fun Zone! Splatinum’s top 5 free pieces of music software.

Life is good here at the Splat Ranch. Making beats and raising our little Splatlings right is what we’re all about. Good wholesome fun. Adam decided to take a break from his long walks in the forest communing with the spirit of the trees and making his own beef jerky to do a roundup of our most used FREE pieces of software. Keith Emerson would have murdered a baby to get his hands on the kind of power we can get these days for zero cash.

5. TAL U-NO-60
Category: VST/Synth

This is a great little Roland Juno 106 Clone. We use it quite a bit for woozy detuned leads and chunky pads. It’s got a cute interface and while its a bit processor heavy (which always seems to be the case with the free stuff) it’s a pretty faithful reproduction of a venerated work horse. Plus this way you don’t have to watch craigslist like a hawk waiting for a bearded synth wizard to overcharge you by $500 despite the 5 missing keys and dodgy power. “But hey man it was totally in a smoke-free studio!”

4. Paulstretch
Category: Standalone Application

Paulstretch is an extreme timestretching application. Meaning that it increases the duration of a sound but not it’s pitch. You can bust out a 35 Minute Brian Eno style ambient opus with a New Kids on The Block song with a few buttons clicks. Its pretty addicting. We use it  to make ambient swells and atmospheric textures. Find a song in the same key as the one you are writing and have at it! I even use it as a meditation tool. One time I spent an hour and a half lying on my back in the studio and rhythmically chanting and throat singing along  to Elton John’s Rocket Man stretched to  3000%. 45 Minutes in I swear my throat chakra opened up and absorbed the essence of the Tiny Dancer himself.

3. Any BPM counter App for your smartphone
Category: App

Seriously just get one of these. There’s a ton of free ones out there. None of them are any better than any other really. Find one and make it happen. Settle arguments at bars about whether Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ would really mix well into Darude – Sandstorm. Debate the subtle tempo differences between juke and footwork or squarepusher and someone being pushed down a flight of stairs.

2. Your MIDI/Performance Controller’s Software Editor
Category: Standalone Application

Knowing what makes your controllers tick and how to get under the hood will save your ass someday when you are 5 minutes from your set time and none of your gear is working. Figure out what kind of data its sending when you hit a button. Is it a note on/off message? CC Data? What channel is it on? Backup your presets onto the cloud just in case someone steals your equipment. All of these things can often be accessed with an editor provided from your gear manufacturer’s website. Learn your gear. Does a marine know how to field strip his rifle? You bet your ass he does! As should you know as much about whats going on behind the scenes in all your little black boxes.

1. Spotify
Category: Content Licensing Magic

It kills me that I still see people signing up for this service. Why isn’t every single person in the world on this yet? You have nearly every piece of music in recordered history available to you AT ANY TIME. I just made an hour long playlist of struggling disco and funk bands who tried (Mostly) unsuccessfully to make the jump to rap and electro in the early 80′s. Every single one of them released a song with some variation of “computer boner” as the title. Hahahahaha! Do you realize how many garage sales and ex-coke heads I would have had to endure to do that a few years ago? You have to become a music historian. Why steal from your contemporaries when you can steal from people everyone has forgotten! Seriously! No one will ever know and you’ll look like some sort of hipster rain man who knows the titles of every track on Whodini’s 1984 “Escape”! Oh Whodini, the freaks really do come out at night don’t they.

Look out for more pimps and tricks from your pals Splatinum in the future.

Peace, love, and Computer Boners.


Dear Weezy, Don’t trip

We at the SPLAT ranch hear you’re taking a break from rapping and doing a lot of skateboarding. Well, here’s a lil’ flip of your cut with Trina. Don’t Trip!




Its true. We really like metal. Particularly the trashiest kind. We cooked up this bootleg awhile back and found it sitting on the harddrive just waiting to be unleashed. So here it is as a free download! Grab some whiskey, a ripped black t-shirt and throw up them devil horns.


Stolen Gear + New “pay what you like” release – the Banana Sandwiches EP

As many of you may already know, all of our live gear was stolen recently. Sucks for us, but as a big eff you to whoever stole it and a big thank you to all our amazing fans we are releasing a “pay what you like” EP. These are three songs that have been burning up our live sets over the past few months. We sincerely hope that you enjoy them and if you are so inclined please click the donate button to drop us a little something to help cover the cost of our stolen gear. And if you are in the Seattle area come check out our benefit show on Friday Dec 16th.

Much love,
Adam and Andrew

click here to download the EP in 320kbps .MP3 format

click here to download the EP in uncompressed .WAV format

Banana Sandwiches
The Tables Have Turned
Sufjan Stevens – Chicago – SPLATINUM Remix

Banana Sandwiches EP by SPLATINUM

Burning Man 2011 Performance Schedule

Hey everybody! We will be camping at “The Splat Ranch” which is a subsection of BASSCamp / Rites of Zion Village @ 10:00 and Esplanade. Come say hi, we will have twerkshops and random parties! Also we are scheduled for 8 performances this year across the playa (Holy moly! Better break out the unicorn juice. We’ve got our work cut out for us!).

Tuesday Evening/Wednesday Morning:
Sacred Spaces
5:30 and Esplanade

2:00 & J

Unicorn Stampede
Meets at The Man
Mobile Sound System Set w/Th’ Mole!!!!!
(we will be performing I Luv Unicorns live with the man himself Jonah Th’ Mole!)

6:00-7:00am (sunrise set)
10:00 and Esplanade

Time of Your Life
2:45 and Anniversary

Splatty Mirage : Purple Drank Twerkshop & Dagger Social feat Chase Manhattan
(Splatinum takeover of the Paddy Mirage Bar @ 2:00 & Birthday)


6:00-7:00am (sunrise set)
10:00 and Anniversary

Slutgarden (Titty Painting Party b4 the Critical Tits Bike Ride)
9:00 & Esplanade

Lay it Down – SPLATINUM (FREE DL!)

Splatinum – Lay It Down (FREE DL!) by SPLATINUM